Unbuilding multispecies violence

in storied place:

a triptych art-academic event

Please note: contributor submissions are now closed, but audience attendees warmly welcomed! 

Artists, writers, researchers and activists are invited to attend a one-day symposium, the third part of this multifaceted event.

Wed 23rd October, Deakin Downtown, 9am-5pm

We meet here in ‘storied-place’ (van Dooren & Rose 2012), in the thick of extinctions, dancing at the edge of factory farms and laboratories, in cities hostile to the ‘shimmer’ (Rose 2017, G51) of multispecies lives, lures, connections and balances. What are we making here?


We invite writers, artists and academics working in the interdisciplinary fields of feminist animal studies, critical animal studies, human-animal studies and environmental arts and humanities to contribute (ten minutes each speaker) to the symposium, in an inclusive, collaborative and creative space.

This symposium is the third event of this multifaceted project, which seeks to:

  • facilitate research and writing development through collaborative research-creation and experiences;

  • provide space to test ideas, curate new imaginaries together, share knowledge and sources;

  • catalyse and support ongoing discussions about methodologies for multispecies attention, care and the possibilities for 'unbuilding' violence in storied place.


We encourage presenters to foreground their creative practice in relation to multispecies lives and justice. We are hoping for a range of contributions, including but not limited to:


  • excerpts from creative work in progress (this may be work generated as part of the workshop and retreat events that formed parts one and two of the triptych, or it may be new work);

  • experimental, non-traditional works of art, scholarship or other forms of storytelling;

  • calls to action, sharing of grass-roots or other embodied forms of ‘unbuilding’ violence or any intersections of art, academia and activism.


If you would like to attend without presenting we’d love to have you. Seating will be limited, and so please register here via Eventbrite. This is a free event, and tickets will sell out, so please let us know if you cannot attend on the day.

 Works cited:

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The Deakin Critical Animal Studies Network and The University of Melbourne School of Culture and Communication are co-hosting these events.


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