Animals and urban planning: Indian cities as Zoöpolises


Investigators: Dr. Yamini Narayanan, Deakin University, and Prof. Jennifer Wolch, University of California Berkeley

Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project

This project casts animals as vital components of urban societies in India. India’s rapid urbanisation and biodiversity decline together have critical global implications, but the complex social dimensions of Indian urban biodiversity are overlooked in current planning. This project examines the everyday realities of selected wild, commensal, and commoditised species who live close to humans. It will show how these realities are also outcomes of being enmeshed in social frameworks to offer an expanded empirical basis for planning to sustain urban biodiversity, and devise species-inclusive zoöpolises as successful cities of the future. In partnership with the leading animal geographer Prof. Jennifer Wolch, University of California Berkeley, this Discovery project is funded by the Australian Research Council.

Human-environment interactions